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Marina, Founder and CEO of Feel Simplicity
Hello, Beautiful You!

My name is Marina, and I’m the founder of Feel Simplicity.

For the last ten years, I’ve been in the health and beauty industry. As a licensed cosmetologist, I worked with many high-end companies and learned the in’s and outs of all things beauty. My time with these companies allowed me to be very hands-on. I quickly learned that I wanted to make my own products – products not only smell and look nice, but also nourish body and mind.

For years, I tried countless products for my skin. Some helped for certain periods of time, but most didn’t. My Yia Yia (grandmother in Greek) always fascinated me with how beautiful her skin is, so one day I finally asked her what her secret was. She took me to her refrigerator and handed me chocolate, eggs, and a few other treats. I watched in amazement as she grabbed her favorite bottle of olive oil, whisked everything in a bowl, and then applied it all directly to her face. This reminded me that simplicity is best, and inspired the name Feel Simplicity – we want you to enjoy the feeling that natural and organic ingredients give you and your body.

From my family to yours, our products will provide you all things health and beauty. Live your life, love yourself, and feel simplicity.


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