The Dream Collection by Feel Simplicity

Handcrafted products that provide peace and calm

The Dream Collection is an assortment of all-natural products designed to calm, soothe, and relax body and mind

An ethereal treat for your senses

Relax and destress with these gentle products, which use only the finest, freshest, all-natural ingredients

The gift of relaxation

For family, for friends, for yourself — give the gift of a relaxing pamper session

“I purchased the Mint Eucalyptus Body Scrub and Orange Ginger Body Scrub. I’ve been alternating between these two products, using every few days. My skin can be dry and sensitive — these have been amazing for both of those things… They’ve made my skin feel smooth and soft in a way no other product has.”

– Sarah P., New York

Put body and mind at ease

The Dream Collection showcases ingredients like lavender, myrrh, vanilla, and frankincense: ingredients widely regarded as natural remedies for peaceful sleep and stress relief

The Dream Collection by Feel Simplicity

Hands, face, hair, and skin

The Dream Collection has something for everyone. Our products can be customized endlessly to best meet your unique hair type, skin type, allergies, or other needs. Contact us to learn more!

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