The Revitalize Collection by Feel Simplicity

Refresh body and mind

The Revitalize Collection contains products specially formulated to repair, nourish, moisturize, and strengthen hair, skin, and spirit — uplift body and mind!

Ingredients that both repair and protect

The Revitalize Collection uses only the freshest ingredients known for their healing and protective properties

An invigorating gift

For family, for friends, for yourself — any occasion is a great occasion for these refreshing, handcrafted products

“I have really rough, calloused hands and was looking for something to help. I tried the Gardener’s Helping Hand Scrub and noticed an improvement in my skin in only a couple days! Not only has it repaired past damage to my hands, but it seems to moisturize and help prevent new damage.”

– Jeff M., Pennsylvania

Luscious fragrances, even more enjoyable results

The key ingredients in the Revitalize Collection – like honey, avocado, almonds – are effective at drawing in moisture and providing essential nutrients. Luckily, they smell fantastic, too

The Revitalize Collection by Feel Simplicity

Hands, face, hair, and skin

The Revitalize Collection has something for everyone. Our products can be customized endlessly to best meet your unique hair type, skin type, allergies, or other needs. Contact us to learn more!

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